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wall and ceiling slats

We offer a wide range of high quality wall and ceiling slats from Wall UP and Doellken.

Core slats
Core mouldings are the result of many years of research and experience in the production of skirting boards. Doellken is a leader in the production of core mouldings. The high quality core of the moulding made of HDF strictly covered with chlorine-free plastic creates a product that is extremely flexible and at the same time very resistant.

System slats
Doellken skirting systems are available in many forms and in a wide range of colours. They are characterized by functionality (cable channel), "variability”;. (same base, different decorative profile), very easy installation (fasten the base praofil and match it with the decorative profile) and flexible, soft "lips”; to eliminate any imperfections of walls and floors.

Flexible skirting boards
Flexible skirting boards are particularly suitable for use with flexible PVC floor coverings.
Their installation is short and simple, and the connection between the wall and the floor is harmonious.
These plinths comply with REACH and do not contain harmful softeners.

Wooden slats
Wood profiles are produced from natural pine, coming from national and Finnish forests, while maintaining appropriate forest management confirmed by FSC certificates.
Wood is a natural material which enriches the interior and a wide range of products and high quality combined with excellent woodworking will satisfy every customer and give the room a cosiness.




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