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stretch ceilings

Unlike traditional suspended ceilings, Alteza products allow for complete freedom not only in the choice of colour or texture, but also in the shape of the ceiling. The innovative assembly system makes it possible for them not only to aesthetically pleasing, but also to perform a protective function (e. g. against flooding). Low price combined with a wide range of interior design options are the reasons why Alteza stretch ceilings are increasingly chosen by designers, architects and contractors as the perfect finish for any interior. This applies to both new and renovated buildings.

The stretched ceiling is very light, which does not load the existing ceiling. It can be used to lower high rooms, and in the case of low rooms, using mirror-reflective foils, visually raise them without losing valuable space, as the stretch ceiling does not lower the rooms, as it is installed on ceiling profiles with a height of approx. 30 mm. In a stretched ceiling it is possible to install practically all kinds of traditional and unconventional lighting (led, fiber optic) and illuminate it from above. Ventilation and supply systems can also be installed in the stretch ceiling. The stretched ceiling is vibration-resistant. It is antistatic, which means that it does not attract dust particles and other impurities. The stretch ceiling is waterproof. Protects the room against flooding from above (withstands a weight of about 120 litres per 1 m2) and provides moisture protection. If necessary, the ceiling can be cleaned with water and microfibre.


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