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Shielding paint NoEM

NoEM absorbs frequencies in the range from 0. 1 to 100,000 Hz – including the home network field 230 V- 50 Hz, but does not interfere with radio and TV waves, it also allows the reception of cellular networks and Wi-Fi.

NoEM is about efficiency and functionality:

  • shields by absorption harmful electric field, emitted both by devices and installations in your home and outside (e. g. high-voltage lines)
  • shielding does not require grounding
  • is antistatic – prevents dirt and dust from being attracted.
  • it is vapour-permeable
  • fulfils the function of an efficient and opaque white paint
  • works well as a primer – strengthens the substrate, equalizing its absorbency and increasing adhesion.
  • Forms a matt, smooth coating without cracks.
  • increases the efficiency of decorative paints
  • does not smudge or leave streaks

The screen is particularly useful in places exposed to continuous exposure to electromagnetic fields from power networks and electrical devices, such as: bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, schools, hospitals, office buildings, server rooms, etc. The screen can be used in a wide range of applications.

NoEM is suitable for all mineral substrates:

  • gypsum and cement plasters
  • cement-lime
  • limestone
  • thin layer mineral and acrylic plasters
  • concrete
  • gypsum plasterboard

How to use NoEM?

  • NoEM is ready for application directly from the packaging. Do not mix the paint with other substances, but if necessary you can dilute the paint with water up to 5%.
  • Carefully protect non-painting surfaces (windows, doors, frames) and metal parts against corrosion.
  • If any dirt appears, rinse it thoroughly with water.
  • In order for NoEM to be fully effective, take care of the room humidity – it should be greater than 35%. The optimal, most beneficial for your health value is 60%.
  • Apply the paint on the cleaned surface until a uniform and even coating is obtained. You can also apply paint by mechanical spraying.
  • NoEM works after you have applied one layer, but you can apply a second layer of paint to enhance its screen properties. Apply after the first "crosswise”; method has dried – always remember to keep one application direction for a given coat.
  • Ensure that the ambient temperature is between +5°C and +25°C. At an optimal temperature of +20 °C and an air humidity of 65%, the paints will dry for approx. 6 hours. Low temperature and high humidity extend the drying time of the paint.
  • After painting, clean the tool under running water.

Technical data sheet – Radiation Absorbent Paint NoEM
Safety Data Sheet – Absorbent Paint NoEM Radiation
TUV Certificate – Absorbent Paint NoEM Radiation
Hygienic Certificate – Absorbent Paint NoEM Radiation
Eurofins – Absorbent Paint NoEM Radiation
Directive on minimum health requirements

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