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parquets and wooden floors

We offer you wooden floors in the form of high quality double-layer parquet or double-layer board.

Prefabricated double-layer parquet

FertigParquet is a ready-made, varnished or oil-waxed parquet with a two-layer construction. It consists of a noble top layer with a thickness of approx. 3,6 mm or approx. 6 mm, made of oak, ash or exotic wood.

The bottom layer, called stabilizing layer is made of deciduous wood. Its use facilitates installation and provides the floor with high resistance to deformations. In order to protect the wood and expose its natural aesthetic qualities, we cover the parquet with eight layers of varnish or three oil-wax. Thanks to this technology, we provide a 30-year warranty on our products.

Due to its construction, FertigParkiet is suitable for use on underfloor heating.

Dimensions of FertigPark are: thickness: 11 mm or 14 mm, width: 65-70 mm, length: 490 mm.

Prefabricated double-layer board

FertigDesk is a ready-made lacquered or oil-waxed floor with a two-layer construction. The upper noble layer, made of natural wood, has a thickness of approx. 3. 6 mm or approx. 6 mm. Oak, ash or exotic wood was used in its production.

The stabilizing part of the bottom makes it easier to assemble and increases resistance to deformation. It is also made of deciduous wood. FertigDesk is covered with eight layers of lacquer or three oil-wax. Thanks to the layered technology, this floor is extremely resistant to mechanical damage, which is why it is covered by a 30-year warranty.

Double-layer flooring is suitable for use on underfloor heating.

FertigDesk dimensions: thickness: 11 mm or 14 mm, width: 130-150 mm, length: 700-1500 mm.


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