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Microcement and architectural concrete

Wall panels are just one of the applications of our concrete GRC mixes. We can make almost anything out of them: furniture, bathroom kitchen worktops, window sills, pots, decorative concrete fancy goods, and so on. We invite you to our showroom in Koszalin, where you can see a lot of ready-made architectural elements made of ready-made GRC mixes.

Architectural concrete gives the interior a unique, industrial atmosphere, and its austere form does not introduce a cool atmosphere into the room at all.
Among our numerous proposals you will find ready mixes from which you can obtain architectural concrete with different porosity levels and different appearance and properties.

We offer:

  • GRC Classic – for castings with a porous structure reminiscent of travertine,
  • GRC – GT – for large size castings with travertine structure,
  • GRC – Hydro – a mixture with a high degree of waterproofness, for example in the kitchen, bathroom or garden.
  • GRC – SSC – self-compacting composite,
  • GRC – Ultra – for creating porous and thin castings,
  • GRC – Classic S – casting mix with smooth structure,
  • GRC – Detail – thanks to which we can make small structural details,
  • GRC – GT S – casting composite with smooth structure and large dimensions,
  • GRC – Scale – for manual shaping of small spatial elements,
  • GRC – Ultra S – castings with low thickness and smooth structure.
  • GRC – Rapid – super fast, removable in 0. 5 hour steps

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