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designer concrete furniture

A novelty on the market is the decorative concrete HD Surface, which allows to make lightweight concrete furniture in any shape and size.

Decorative concrete is applied to the surface of furniture boards or other materials such as glass, tiles, plastics. This makes it possible to make concrete furniture, doors, worktops and kitchen worktops as well as washbasins, shower trays and the like. The creative possibilities are not limited. The concrete surface can be smooth or rough in a wide range of shades of white, grey, beige and several pastel colours. Furniture and objects made by applying HD Surface decorative concrete coatings are waterproof and stain resistant (the surface is impregnated and varnished), pouring red wine or coffee is not a problem. Furniture made with this technique are resistant to impacts resulting from everyday use.

Concrete furniture or decorative elements made of concrete fit perfectly not only in cool interiors but also in warm ones, they perfectly harmonize with natural finishing elements, especially wood, soft fabrics, lighting of warm colour. They are used by manufacturers of exclusive furniture such as: Driade, MDF Italia, Alivar, Lema, Rifa.

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